Puget Sound Works 

A testimonial from the guitar player in Saruna. He also plays with Lee Oskar who helped write "Lowrider" and played harmonica on the track. "Mark Lacas is the fucking man, this thing has never ever sounded better, and whoever you’ve got in your Rolodex for fixing your devices, you gotta ditch that clown & connect with Mark. Satisfaction beyond all belief."

We Repair and restore

Guitar Amps

Hi-fi Equipment


No matter what the device, we can likely repair it

Recent Repairs
Neve 1081 Module - London Bridge Studio
Neve 2254/e Compressor - London Bridge Studio
Fender Vibro King - Gary Clark Jr. (while on tour)

Ampeg SVT 300 watt Bass Amp - Daniel B.
Fender Deluxe Reverb - Peter H.
AMR Mixer Channel Module - Anthony G.
And many others. . .

Design, Prototyping,  Fabrication, Evaluation, Mods, Repairs

Puget Sound Works excels at design, prototyping, fabrication, modding and repair.  As well, Puget Sound Works has a wide range of powerful tools for vacuum tube characterization and matching.


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