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Puget Sound Works' staff have over 50 years experience as electrical/audio engineers.  As well, the gurus at Puget Sound Works have been making mission critical audio and networking products for the Music Industry since the late 80s. Whether you are looking for one of our standard products (we custom build it for you), or a full custom amp where you decide all the characteristics, we can make you the amplifier of your dreams.

Our Past customers

Puget Sound Works staff have made systems for controlling and managing venues such as Apple Computer, The Houston Astrodome, A&M Records Recording Studios, GM Place (Vancouver), Cornhuskers Stadium, The Grand Ole Opry, The Mormon Tabernacle, Herbie Hancock's Studio, and many others.


As well products made by our technical staff have also been extensively used on many tours, including: Herbie Hancock, U2, Emerson Lake and Palmer, INXS, Eagles, Grateful Dead, Brooks and Dunn, Tina Turner, Elton John, Jean Michel Jarre, and scores of others.


Corporate customers and partners include: JBL, Altec Lansing, Yamaha, Panasonic, Carver, Bose, EAW, Community, Rane, QSC, Klark Teknik, UREI, Midas, Carver, Harmon International, Urei, Crown, SSL, TC Electronics, Altec Lansing, Genelec, and many others. 

PSW-45 Vintage Shapeshifter

Puget Sound Works - Vintage Shapeshifter is a tube guitar amplifier that let's one dial in settings to make it behave as a 1959 Fender Bassman, a Marshall Plexi, and a Soldano.


A review:

I have to admit I was skeptical because the bar has been set SO high in this era of boutique builders, but Mark Lacas has created something truly world-class with his Vintage Shapeshifter! Fender, Marshall or an infinitely variable mix of both.... and 4 other features I barely started to explore.
Seriously Juicy Tone. I'm hooked.
Bravo Mark!!!!!!! - SE

PSW-100 Hi-fi Amplifier

Puget Sound Works - PSW-100 is a tube hi-fi amplifier that redefines powerful clean sound.  From the super sweet 6SN7 preamp tubes to the powerful KT-88 output tubes, This amp is made for powerful sound with unbelievable clarity.  


A review:

"I can only understate the experience as deeply moving.
Although I have had the privilege of seeing Mark manifest his vision(s) almost daily for the last 4 years, this machine might be the unique, as it is the intersection of two of Mark's life-long passions, music and electronic design. Those passions radiate through the music. While photographs can reference the sculpture, the real achievement resides in the airwaves... A Resounding Triumph".

"Apart from their simple, sculptural elegance, the tubes report magic. Bass is a subtle, engulfing force. If you close your eyes, you can hear where musicians are positioned in the studio. One can actually experience the subtle mechanics of instruments being played and vocalists drawing breath, this elevates a recording to a 'performance on demand'". - TG

Professional Audio Mixing and Mastering are another service we provide
We can take your songs to the next level with professional mixing.
Enhance your finished song to be streaming/radio ready with our mastering services.




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